Bestheim Mambourg Grand Cru Riesling 2013/ 12 Bottles


Covering 61,85 ha, almost 1,3 km long, the south-facing vineyards of the Mambourg slope dominate Sigolsheim. One of the foothills which penetrates the furthest into the plain of Alsace, it enjoys optimum sunshine. The lime-magnesium soil is only developed on the calcareous and marl conglomerates covering the hills during the tertiary period. Yields are always low, which favours quality.

Mambourg wines are very characteristic, well-balanced, and age well. They are elegant with great finesse, a powerful bouquet and a very long finish.

• Visual : Light gold color.
• Olfactory : Elegant and complex nose of citrus with mineral character.
• Gustatory : The palate is racy and very typical of a beautiful mature Riesling reinforced by a clean and balanced acidity.
This is a pure gastronomic wine which will be appreciated as an aperitif, with traditional Alsatian cuisine and also with goat cheeses.


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