Prestigious vines, make great wines

The vineyards are planted over the deep red Cambrian soils of the North Western slopes of Mt Camel in Heathcote resulting in Low yields and small bunches. This drives the aromatics forward and allows for the full expression of the Snobs Creek regional character. Many of the vines are now mature and naturally show balanced canopies, this results in the development of natural tannin and allows for the investment of up to 40% new barrels annually.

1860 - 1880

At the bridge of Snobs Creek in 1860 a shoemaker lived. At the time the creek was known as Cataract Creek. He was a West Indian man known as ‘Black’ Brookes He sold his shoes in the local town of Alexandra and repaired the community essential foot wear. He was a respected gentleman who knew everyone as at the time everyone needed what he had and the skills he had mastered. In the late 1880’s he passed away leaving a legacy behind him of integrity, one of craftsmanship and dedication to ones skills and community. The creek was to be forever named after his most important tool. The Snob or anvil used to shape the toe end of the boot.


Alex Gillon purchases the block and begins the first experimental plantings. He very quickly discovers the benefits of fishing the Goulburn River and soon realizes that Chardonnay and Shiraz would be the first significant plantings.

1994 - 1996

The first plantings of Pinot Noir take place on the lower blocks alonf side the Goulburn River. The initial clones are 115,114 & MV6 planted at 1.5 metre spacing. These vines would very quickly find there feet and become one of the core varietals onsite.

1996 - 1998

The home block is further developed with the panting of Dolcetto and additional Pinot Noir. The Dolcetto being planted on own roots would live to produce many awards throughout Australia and provide for a generous cellaring capacity gaining intense aniseed textures over time.

1998 - 2002

The first upgrade of all irrigation systems take place as the home block begins to produce premium award winning wines from mature vines. Tourism begins to grow on site with various activities over the comming years.

2002 - 2005

2003 + 2004 prove to be cold wet vintages and the production is restricted by mother nature. The Shiraz Clone proves to be inconsistent in a cold year and a restructure is planned for the home block. The planning for planting Pinot Gris also begins with the purchase of additional land at Snobs Creek.

2005 - 2007

After much planning the Grange clone of Shiraz is grafted into the home block with immediate results. At the same time under performing Pinot Noir is removed and Roussane is grafted onto the rootstock which transforms the approach to Chardonnay production. This creates a Chardonnay that ages with a long term capacity.

2008 - 2010

After the black frost of 2007 the 2008 vintage produces the first VSP Shiraz which is exactly 50% the grafted grange clone. The Chardonnay goes on to win many accolades and the restructure proves to have taken effect. 2009 see's the arrival of the Marysville fires which decimate the region and the home block suffers an entire loss of fruit.

2010 - Current

The 2010 vintage is the best the Home has seen in history and all varietals and clones produce consistent premium quality fruit. In comming years production would remain relaltively consistent. In 2014 Alex Gillon passes the home block on to Marcus Gillon and this then begins the next restructure of both vineyards and production.